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    Zhangjiagang Lantian Pipe Industry Equipment Co., Ltd.
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    Zhangjiagang City Lantian Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of tube processing machines, integrating independent research and design with sales and service. The company is located in Qihaiba, Jinfeng, the city of Zhangjiagang, beside the national road 204 with the advantage of convenient transportation.

        The company has many sets of high-accuracy production and test equipments. We also have high capability in independent researching and developing products, employing some high educated engineering talents and many professionals with rich experience of designing and manufacturing tube processing machines, and building them a professional team for researching and developing new products.  The company has absorbed foreign advanced technology to improve and innovate. We have designed and developed different kinds of automation equipments such as microcomputer-controled NC, CNC, TSR, TDR tube bending machines, CNC automatic metal circular sawing machine, TM multistage servo motor tube ending molding machines. There are some high technology systems adopted in these equipments, including the self diagnostic system, the 3D animation effects processing system, the intelligent memory system and so on. Benefited by those achievements, the company has solved a lot of problems of processing tubes and increased the productivity for many clients.